Bog Standard winner of the Fresh Film Festival Brown Bag Films Award for best animation:

"While breaking ground on a new landfill, something ancient is awoken, and wants revenge!"

Created as part of the PURE Project’s PURE Wicked Animation Film School in 2012  by Dylan Cuffe, Ardan Cunningham, Aoife Duffy, Joshua Hanrahan, Conor Ryan and with music by regular Paper Panther collaborator Chris McLoughlin

Made using dried leaves, moss, cardboard and tinfoil, this environmentally themed film follows the story of a Celtic warrior that just wants to rest in peace.

Two of the filmmakers, Dylan and Conor, made their way to Brown Bag Films for a tour behind the scenes of the studio to see how they create their projects.

Congratulations again!


Some WIP cutouts by eimhinssecrettumblr:

Some work in progress cut-out pieces from the last few years. Need to start making more of these again.

You can watch a time lapse of me making two pieces here:
And here:

And you can see the finished illustrations here: